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Salut to all my cousins! I belong to the New Hampshire clan of Montembeault (my grandfather is Ezerie(sp?) Montembeault, born in Quebec around 1900, some of his siblings were Lucille, Amanda, and Romeo( there were many others but I cannot remember their names right now...) I live in Thailand right now and am a professional musician. You can visit my website at www.f-l-o-w.com and listen to some Montembeault music. We will be releasing a new album next month called "Roots" Anyone can email me at flowrick@hotmail.com or better yet, come to Thailand for a visit and stay with my family, all are welcome ( but not all at once , okay?) We are the Montembeaults who are the farthest away from our point of origin, mais, Je me souviens! Salut, Rick Montembeault