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Hi Steve, Sorry for replying to you so very, very late. There had not been any replies to my original post for such a long time that I stopped coming here to look for any. Yes, I AM the son of Emile and Stella! In fact, if you were there when my mom, and then I, came to visit our family in Maine in 1982, then we may have met! My regular Montembeau@aol.com address is blocked to all unknown addresses, but you can write to me at dadsplace1551@aol.com if you like. Your mail should get through with that address. You can also see a picture of me and my family on this fine website. If you looked at my family pictures, then you will see that my son, Michael, plays hockey. In fact, he will be close to you next month if you are anyone in our family would like to come and meet him and his mom. My son will be in North York, Ontario Canada from April 24th to April 28th of this year. He was invited to tryout for the North York Rangers Junior A team and he will be at the Rangers rookie camp on the above dates. The rink where the tryouts are being held is the North York Centennial Arena at 580 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario. To find out the times that he will be there and on the ice, please call the rink at: 416-395-6067. You Steve, and all of my relatives in Main that I know, as well as all of my distant relatives in Quebec, and all of Canada and France that I don't know, ARE ALL INVITED TO COME AND CHEER HIM ON! All of you are also invited to send me an E-mail. If I receive your letter, I garauntee you that I WILL write you back. Finally Steve, please tell my Aunt Alice and my uncle Fern, that I said Hi.